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December 4, 2008 

Sister Keri and Moziah – Fighting Evil on a Spiritual Level (1of2)  

I am accompanied by two ladies in a Skype discussion/interview which is downloadable here or directly accessible here (thanks to Byron for upping it).

Sister Keri Burnor is a victim of clerical sexual abuse and the cover-up that ensued. She became disillusioned with the Catholic Church and decided to break away entirely. Although her tormented background is also addressed in this interview, more information can be gleaned here and here. Also listen to Sister Keri’s previous interviews with Greg Szymanski, from 2007 and 2008.

Monique Armstrong, or “Moziah”, as her God-given name is, came to my attention this summer when she emerged as “Agent JJP”, the spiritual advisor to Leo Lyon Zagami; an Italian aristocrat and, among other things, Grand Master of the Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis (1999) a European Illuminati Order. Moziah is affiliated with the International Fellowship of Jews and Christians and the International House of Prayer.

Both ladies prove to be extremely spiritual and represent a truly impressive bastion of spiritual wisdom and rare historic knowledge. Below is an overview of the many topics we discussed. To make the three hour long interview easier to navigate and quicker to reference, I added time-stamps (TS ..:..) with the announcement of a new topic. Due to size considerations, I’ve divided the post into two parts.

A recurring theme in the interview, and I hope to persevere this in possible follow-up interviews, is the issue of how to most effectively counteract the fruits of Darkness and Darkness itself.

NB. To do myself a favor, I use the ‘shorthand’ notation Keri and Mozi as shorthand abbreviations of Sister Keri Burnor and Monique “Moziah” Armstrong, respectively.

(TS 00:02:16) Battling the Vatican on a Physical vs. Spiritual Plane

Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

Keri recounts her battle with the Vatican in the ordinary physical plane by directly confronting it in a courtroom environment, especially in the function of assisting Christopher Strunk. She emphasizes though that she became physically exhausted exposing the crimes of the Vatican this way, “day in day out, trying to practically becoming an attorney.” Mozi steps in and remarks that any opposition brought against the Vatican is destined to fail as the legal system is defined such that it works in the favor of the Papacy. On properly facing the Vatican she maintains that “our weapons of warfare are not carnal but spiritual to the pulling down of (spiritually grounded) strongholds.”

(TS: 00:10:44)Genuine Faith Healing

Mozi tells how she and Keri were literally miraculously healed from their respective tenacious ailments. While Moziah was cured from her high blood-pressure, Keri was healed from Fibromyalgia (even though it is a chronic disease unknown to have a cure in the establishment of regular medicine). Both healings are complete and attributed to the actions of a genuine faith healer.

(TS 00:12:47)Leo’s Alliance with Lucifer

Mozi reveals that the six month magical ritual Leo went through in Italy in order for Lucifer to enter him was led by Jesuits. “He was promised protection for his family, his wife and his son,” yet Fatma turned on him and he “cannot even see his own son.” This demonstrates that Lucifer cannot be trusted. Because of his alliance with Lucifer, Leo was part of generating the Earthquake in China. Mozi delivered Leo from Lucifer during a 48 hour long exorcism ritual which took place earlier in 2008.

(TS 00:16:57)Fight for the Truth, Rather than Evil

Mozi states: “Fight for the truth, don’t fight evil. Because when we fight evil we have only human energy and human resources. And we find ourselves wary, burned out, tired, frustrated by wanting the right things but not applying the right method to get what we want to see on the other side of the equal sign. In this equation of trying to find the total sum of victory, we have to look at what’s going on and assess it through spiritual eyes. And when it’s a spiritual battle much more is accomplished than when it’s just done on a human level.”

(TS 00:19:36)The Young Faith Healer Named Diego (*)

Mozi and Keri recall the miraculous faith healing session, led by a young wunderkind faith healer dressed as a skater, they attended together only a few weeks ago. They both were healed completely of their respective ailments, as were all other attendees who were afflicted with a wide range of health problems and diseases.

(TS 00:26:20)The Healing Holy Spirit

On the faith healer becoming aware of the entrance of the Holy Spirit into the Church, Keri recounts: “Everything that is us. Like our egos holding us back. Whatever it is that holds us down. It’s like a window that has been opened to actually let it all go. To access something greater than what our egos can strive for.” Since her ego was so hardened because of all the fighting she had been doing with the Vatican since 2002, she almost lost the ability to access God.

(TS 00:29:02)Tyranny and Hypocrisy of the Catholic Church

Keri attributes her fibromyalgia to the sustenance of sexual abuse and the cover-up that ensued while she was part of the strictest of strictest Catholic Congregations known as “The slaves of the immaculate Heart of Mary” of which its doctrine commands that there is “no salvation outside of the Catholic Church.” She says that “it was a plan of the devil to destroy any relationship with Christ that I had.” Furthermore she states that she went through MKULTRA styled mind control experimentation/operation.

The father of MKULTRA, the head of the American branch of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), J Peter Grace, is buried at St Joseph’s Abbey and Spencer, the place where she was abused. She says, “Grace donated a lot of money to get the abbey built. If a Bishop orders you to spend money in a certain way and you refuse it, you will be excommunicated.” She then explains how the Abbey persecuted her to the extent it promised to do if Keri were to turn on it, which she did, by exposing the abuse she suffered. As a consequence Keri was denied refuge to all other abbeys and became sick with fibromyalgia. Edward John Mulaney, a serial sex abuser also resides at the Abbey.

(TS 00:38:30)More Details on Keri’s and Mozi’s Wondrous Healing Process

The conversation now goes into the detail of the healing process Keri and Mozi went through. It is a stunning testimony to an amazing feat of faith healing. At my request, Mozi explains who this young faith healer is and how he obtained his amazing faith healing capabilities.

(TS 01:01:48)Fighting Evil on a Spiritual Plane

How does one fight evil on a spiritual plane rather than the physical plane? Keri lets me know that this is the stuff the “Vatican and the demons tremble to even hear you ask.” Mozi tells me that exorcisms can be performed without the mediation of the Catholic Church and that faith in Jesus Christ and seeking contact with the Holy Spirit in principle is sufficient. People can be healed and/or delivered from demonic attacks without the mediation of third parties (who always have ulterior motives) and who are claiming to be the sole available channel for communication with God; an effective technique of mental coercion or mind control.

(TS 01:14:32)Keri and the Catholic Church

Keri explains that she was part of a Cistercian (Trappist) branch of spirituality (break off of the Benedictians) adhering to the same spiritual tenets as the Knights Templar of old; founded in 1098. Keri explains that she was aligned with something demonic without her knowledge. “You cannot bless and curse at the same time.” “The Catholic Church broke away from original Christianity in 1054,” Keri says. This is called the East-West Schism in Wikipedia.

(TS 01:18:53)Frank O’Collins – Almanac of Evil – Fact or Fiction?

Frank O’Collins’ Almanac of Evil (the book used to be available on Greg Szymanksi’s but since it appears to be down I uploaded the document to Keri explains that O’Collins mixes fact with fiction when he describes the actions of the Church prior to 1054. It’s remarkable that his work finds approval by his uncle, who is a practicing high ranking Jesuit working in the Vatican. Keri says that the latter half, unlike the first half, is verifiably true.

(TS 01:27:22)The Orthodox Christian past of the Roman Church

Keri explains that the Roman Church originally was Orthodox Christian in doctrine and theology. In 1054 Rome broke away and tried to dominate the other four traditionally Orthodox Christian bishoprics. Keri verifies that the Roman Church is a stealthy continuation of the Holy Roman Empire. “The Patriarch turned from a Father into the Anti-Christ. […] It verifies in its own Orthodox sense in the 600s that if a Pope should do this (One Patriarch rule over all other Patriarchs), it has become the predecessor to the Anti-Christ himself. It’s in their own (Orthodox) writings.”

Continued with part two.

(*)Recitification Moziah told me in another interview that, the the young man’s name should be “Diga” rather than “Diego.” His website can be accessed here.

December 4, 2008 

Sister Keri and Moziah – Fighting Evil on a Spiritual Level (2of2)  

Continued from part one.

(TS 01:30:37)Constantine: Saint or Villain?

Keri says that Constantine left Rome for Constantinople, while taking with him the whole commercial apparatus that belonged to Rome (merchants, bankers etc.), in an effort to protect the growth of Christianity. O’Collins states that Constantine killed pagans in order to erect Christianity, “a flat out lie” says Keri as “he did not kill pagans.” He passed the Edict of Milan just to allow the pagans to coexist with the Christians. “Constantine did not force Christianity on the Empire. And he certainly did not need the Christians to unify.”

(TS 01:41:55)More on Frank O’Collins

Frank O’Collins, is given a chance to state the truth with Keri otherwise she concludes that he then must be part of the Vatican, implying that he is sent out by the Vatican to obfuscate the truth. Constantine is regarded a Saint by the Orthodox Church.

(TS: 01:42:45)More on the Spiritual Fight

In the light of fighting back on a spiritual level. Keri goes, “If we do not know the first 300 and some years of Christianity, mark my words, with the building of the Temple in Jerusalem, and this stuff that’s coming up in the End Times, we will lose our faith wholesale.” These are the gloves Keri has chosen to wear.

John 4:24: “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

(TS 01:44:49)Why the Roman Church is Invested with Demons?

I ask how it can be possible that the RC is invested with demons. Keri replies that the moment the Church took their eyes off of Christ (in 1054) it embraced the Anti-Christ as the vicar of Christ.

“The Vatican has no child protection policy. The only policy they have is to protect the perpetrators.”Source

(TS 01:46:31)Crimen Solicitationis

Crimen Solicitationis formally deals with the sexual abuse perpetrated by the clergy and states how many cases per clergy member are admissible according to Canon Law. Keri recounts that Orthodox priests were very receptive to her demand of bringing about full exposure of any cases of sexual abuse going on within the confines of their Church. On the contrary, she stumbled on much resistance with Catholic clergy when she pleaded the same insistence for exposure. The victims in the Roman Church will be punished with the sentence of excommunication (Latae Sententiae) if they report their sexual abuse to the authorities. The Roman Church not only is heretical, since she broke away from the true Church of Christ in 1054, she is also a commercial enterprise, or corporation if you will or (my suggestion:) a corporation of exploitation.

(TS 01:55:11)Monks Sexually Abused at St Joseph’s Abbey

Keri recounts an experience she had when praying for hours a day near the praying wall of St Joseph’s Abbey and saw “monks climb over the wall” only to cry on Keri’s shoulder and tell her how “they had been sexually abused behind the wall.” She explains how the monks are trapped and cannot go anywhere except stay in the monastery. If they would try to leave they will be excommunicated and thus their very survival would hang in the balance. Monks who were sexually abused before entering the convent would be sought after by resident monks and then “preyed on through the confessional.”

(TS 01:59:19)The Missing Element in Leo’s Fight

Mozi raises her doubts regarding the effectiveness of Leo’s fight against the Beast from within. She states that a lot of time and energy is wasted on Leo’s personal stuff. “Where’s the Committee of Hope?”, she asks? “What is happening that has changed?” She says that the missing element in Leo’s approach is Jesus Christ.

(TS 02:04:01)The Demon Called Fibromyalgia

I ask Keri if fibromyalgia is demon mediated (what I mean by that is, is the disease caused and/or maintained by a demonic force or entity?). Keri affirms this and adds that she’s too strong for demons to get a hold of (“the light is bigger than him (the devil)”, she exclaims).

(TS 02:06:57)Christian Wedding Performed by a 33rd Degree Freemason?

Moziah recounts an experience she had being a witness to a wedding in which a 33rd degree mason was performing the matrimonial service. At my request she relates how masonry and Christianity are diametrically opposed, “intentionally and by necessity.” Masonry is a “demonic stronghold”, she explains. Keri says that the symbol of masonry is a “world with a net around it.”

(TS 02:11:53)The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled…

The biggest secret is the greatest trick the devil ever pulled: to convince the world that he doesn’t exist, or that he’s real. Demonic possession is nowadays brushed off as being a psychopathological ailment rather than a spiritual besiegement, all the while the demoniac is encouraged to take lots of pharmaceuticals/psychotropic drugs (“gambutrol”) to help the sufferer mitigate the symptoms without getting to the heart of the problem.

(TS 02:19:11)The Face of God

Keri recounts how she saw the face of God, and in vivid detail at that.

(TS 02:28:07)Recommended Reading of Scripture

At my request, for the purpose of I learning scripture while minimizing reading disinformation, the Bible Mozi recommends is the “Tanakh, which also has the Torah in it, Jewish Publication Society (JPS).” Mozi further recommends, “for the new testament, get the Peshitta version, directly from the Aramaic by Rocco A Errico and translated by George M Lamsa.”

(TS 02:30:18)Spirit of Fear

Spirit of fear is not a gift of God unlike the spirit of power and love and a sound mind. “Fear hath torment. There is no torment in knowing God and in his presence”, Moziah recounts.

(TS 02:40:41)Mozi’s Healing House of God

Keri says “God is all in this house.” Keri says to Mozi, “I was worried how I would feel in your house cause I don’t really know you. And I’m not really fond of kids.” She then says, “this is planet of its own. Where am I?” Mozi then makes an open invitation to the listeners: “If you’ve been plagued by things, weird things are happening to you. You do things you don’t want to do and the good that you do, you always find out that you’re doing the opposite. If you want peace and you feel you’re a wreck. If you have disease and you wanna be healed? If you have demons and you wanna be set free, come over. I’m no a rich person you come to my house cause you would think I’m lying cause I live in this magnificent house God takes care of me; I have no job.”

(TS 02:42:21)The Work of God

“I don’t worry about tomorrow. […] I’m in the now.” Seeing the diabolical attacks “the first week she’s in town,” Keri asked Mozi, “How do you live like this?” “Everything tries to come against me. How all these different secret services and the Vatican and their Intelligence, how they have set up to sabotage me. Especially since I met Leo and my name got smashed all over the place and they haven’t a victory. They cannot put this fire out. This is bonfire that Christ himself set on fire and the Holy Spirit keeps adding fuel to it.”

(TS 02:48:42)Idolatry and Healing

Thou shalt not worship engraven images (idolatry). Keri states, “Anything that blocks us from the truth of who God is, is an idol. That’s it.” Mozi then says: “If we don’t know the Holy Trinity, intimately, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. It’s like a fairy tale. Is it me, that I’m holy and I live great? No. It’s about that I know the Christ and I love him and whatever else needs to be changed, I’m willing to admit, I’m fallible, don’t look to me I’m not perfect. But I know the one that is. And while he brings you to perfection, I’m coming along for the ride too. And in this humility, healings happen like what you have Phil. I want you to be healed. So does God, that’s why he sent Jesus but my desire for you to be healed is not enough. You have to be willing to step out of the boat like Peter did. And walk on water while all the other disciples stayed on.” She then gives me a spiritual recipe of healing which is based on finding communion with God. Keri and Mozi are two living examples that it really works.

(TS 02:57:00)Contact Information

Mozi gives out her email address to anyone who needs spiritual help and/or be healed and/or exorcized. Her email address is: MTA75104 [at] Should her email box become blocked, then send me an email: truthandlogic [at], or drop me a message on this blog, and I’ll forward it to Moziah myself. Sister Keri can be contacted here.

The interview alluded to above can be downloaded, HERE.

Addendum 20 January 09:
Moziah can also be heard on a most recent interview I did with her on how she facilitated the casting out of Lucifer in the Illuminati Grand Master Leo Lyon Zagami.


Burnor: Counter-Point to the Catholic Church

By Sister Keri
Federal Observer
October 3, 2008

In response to the article sent to me for review by The Federal Observer, Documents held in Los Angeles Priest Abuse Cases, by Gillian Flaccus proves the modus operandi of the Roman Catholic Church regarding their continued secrecy and cover-up of abuse. Roman Catholic authorities still have not yet learned the devastating effects clergy abuse has on its victims, and I would further mention it seems they have no real desire to bring restoration and resolution to this widespread epidemic.


Looking Ahead

Working with victims since 2002, I have discovered to my chagrin that there is indeed a conspiracy against victims and progress for their healing. Under the cloak of appearing to make change, the ecclesiastical hierarchy of Rome is further concealing their true agenda to “save face”.

The secrecy has been uncovered by many including Father Tom Doyle, who found secret documents in the Vatican archives, Crimen Sollicitationis, an instructional document that describes the treatment of victims and the allegiance to secrecy by Roman Catholic priests when the issue of sexual abuse is brought up in the confessional, thus creating a means whereby spiritual leverage is employed at the expense of the victim seeking salvation.

I believe based upon the information available in the case of Rev. John J. Szantyr (DOCKET NOS. 0362 CR 5196, 8722), it is clear to see the deceptive and collusive machinations orchestrated by the state justice system, namely the District Attorney of Worcester, Massachusetts. For more information please see: The lack of justice in these types of cases are too numerous to count.

I have begun to question the matter regarding the associations between certain privileged Roman Catholic members (ie., SMOM etc.,) and the top officials in this country. There is an explanation to the question as to how so many cases like this are occurring and why so many are not given due process and escape justice.

The heart of the issue, I believe, lies in the unholy ties between the Vatican and the interests of our beloved country and until this fundamental issue is resolved I cannot see any possibility toward real progress.

How does one propose to bring balance of power to this complicated issue? There is a law which makes provision for such matters. It is up to us to find creative ways to have it enforced. It is called the Logan Act.

Every priest of the Roman Catholic Church takes a vow of loyalty to the Pope of Rome who is a foreign potentate (he has a recognized position of authority at the UN).

The Logan Act is still on the law books today and states clearly that those who are subject and loyal to a foreign power, must be registered as a foreign agent.

Here the federal law states: US CODE/ TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 45 > - 953 - 953. Private correspondence with foreign governments

Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply, himself or his agent, to any foreign government or the agents thereof for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects.

In the case of a Christopher Strunk, he has sought to bring awareness to this current law in the state of New York. Please see for more information on his case against the CIA involving the Jesuit priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

This law enforced can be for us the means by which we develop a level playing field with the authorities of the Roman Catholic Church and those serving their interests.

Exemplary persons of hope must rise to the occasion and find the means necessary to change laws set up to fail the vulnerable victims, those innocent and abused.

Above all, I believe this is a spiritual battle and cannot be fought alone with natural strength.

The author is a former Catholic Nun.



BOSTON JANUARY 11, 2006 page 3



Spencer New Leader

page A5      April 2, 2003

Burnor: Was Saddened by recent trial results

To the Editor:

I wanted to make some clarifications concerning information pertaining to my case against Fr. Joseph Chu-Cong, which ended up in the paper (Telegram and Gazette) two weeks ago. Jennifer Lucarelli of the Telegram and Gazette staff failed to treat the case fairly and objectively.  She was sitting next to the Rev. Isaac Keeley and they were conversing throughout the procedures.  She did not show the same solicitude with me.  It is not my objective to retry the case, but I wish to clarify some impressions that could be made by reading the article.  Also, I would like to share some of my thoughts.

First of all, I want to thank Attorney Anthony Moratta, Amy Law, Officer Tom Ryan, the staff of John Conte's office and the many who supported me in this difficult time.

Jennifer Lucarelli mentioned that the defense attacked my credibility, saying that I impersonate a nun and have an obsession with St. Joseph's Abbey.  She failed to mention that I produced documents as evidence, which showed that the Diocese of Worcester has been aware of my pursuit in the eremitic life and that I stated that the Catholic Church has provided a mechanism in Canon Law, whereby hermits can be officially recognized in their dioceses after having been seen living the life which is formally called a trial period.

I would also like to address the issue concerning my supposed "obsession" with the abbey.  It is the character of Cistercian spirituality that one is a "lover of the place".  I never asked to be a monk of the abbey.  I was encouraged by many monks, even Fr. Isaac, to discover and pursue the viable options of becoming an "associate" or "familiar" of the abbey.  The Abbot General (the big father of the Cistercian Order), Dom Bernardo Olivera, is in favor of such movements.  (See his "reflections on Charismatic Associations," on Internet.)

I was saddened with the turnout of the trial.  I did my best to serve the truth and to protect other potential victims.

I was disappointed with the communications I have had with the authorities of St. Joseph's Abbey on this matter.  Their methods of communication, I felt, were primarily based on motives of fear and self-interest.  I went to the police under the guidance of my spiritual director.  I was never interested in a money settlement.  I simply wanted an admission of guilt and an apology.

I have been more pained by the reaction of the Abbey authorities than by the original offense.  I was given a letter of "no trespass" (after I filed a criminal complaint).  I have been blacklisted from certain church circles, and my love for God and the abbey has been mocked.  Perhaps it was wrong for me to violate the "no trespass" letter, but it was unjust for the abbey to issue me that letter in the first place.  I simply desired to pray where I sense God's presence and peace strongly.

A statement released by Abbot Damian Carr after Father Joseph's arraignment last August said that they have reached out to me with care and concern.  It said further that the abbey was committed to work for justice and healing for all involved.  How can there be justice when the truth is manipulated then ignored?  How can there be healing when falsehoods are covered up?  Abbot Damian's recent statement after the verdict was extremely offensive!

I forgive you, Father Joseph, for what you did to me and for not being strong enough to serve God first.  Father Isaac, I forgive you for becoming an obstacle to the truth.  Father (Abbott) Damian, I forgive you for your lack of filial love and lack of paternal responsibility (regarding the care of Father Joseph's soul), which I hoped for and expected from you.  I'll always love and pray for St. Joseph's Abbey.

Sr. Keri M. Burnor

North Brookfield





 The people's forum

Abbey priest's trial resolved nothing

          I would like to make clarifications concerning an article (Telegram and Gazette, March 14), regarding my case against the Rev. Joseph Chu-Cong.

          Reporter Jennifer Lucarelli mentioned that the defendant attacked my credibility stating that I impersonated a nun and had an obsession with St. Joseph's Abbey. She failed to mention that I produce documents that showed that the diocese has been aware of my pursuit in the eremitic life.

          In relation to my supposed "obsession" with the abbey, Cistercian spirituality teaches that one is a "lover of the place." This is shown in the vow of stability.  I was encouraged by many monks, even the Rev. Isaac Keeley, to pursue becoming an "associate" of the abbey.

          I was saddened with the results out of the trial.  I did my best to serve truth and protect others.

          I was disappointed with Abbey authorities.  Their methods of communication were based on fear and self-interest. I didn't want money.  I wanted an mission of guilt and an apology. I have been more pained by their reaction and by the original offense.  My love for the Abbey has been mocked. Abbot Damian Carr's statement after the verdict was extremely offensive.

          I forgive Rev. Chu-Cong for what he did to me and for not serving God first.  I forgive Rev. Keeley for being an obstacle to the truth. And I forgive Abbot Carr for his lack of love and paternal responsibility in caring for Rev. Chu-Cong's soul. I will always love and pray for St. Joseph's Abbey.



I would like to pose some questions to those who wish to comment about the case involving the Rev. Joseph Chu-Cong and a woman.

          Were you there at the trial?  Did you read any official documents?  Did you ever speak with the woman and/or the one charged?

          I respect the opinions of others, but I would in courage want to get the facts before forming an opinion.

          Every feasible attempt was made to keep this out of court, but those attempts failed because former promissory agreements were broken and St. Joseph's Abbey's internal investigations proved to be self-serving. Only then did Keri Burnor seek help outside.

          She simply wanted an acknowledgement of the assault and apology so that healing could proceed for both parties.  It was when she brought the allegation to the attention of St. Joseph's Abbey that she became marginalized.  Five days after she filed a criminal complaint, she was issued the legal "no trespass" notice.

          She has prayed at the Abbey for three years with no prior formal complaints.  For nearly 10 years she has lived a life of service to her church.  Why would she jeopardize her reputation and subject herself to humiliation?

          If those in authority at St. Joseph's Abbey had simply chosen to exercise their God-given power to bless and restore, there would have been no trial, and no media and no fractured relationships.

          Is the Abbey Chapel glides Chapel or is the chapel merely a corporation?


North Brookfield

Although I am not in the habit of writing letters to the editor, I felt it necessary to address an article, "Monk cleared in sex case" (Telegram & Gazette, March 14)

          I take umbrage to the allegations that the 84 year-old monk at St. Joseph's Abbey was found not guilty of charges of fondling a woman, while spiritually advising her and not clearly being objective in regard to her. It was the next to last paragraph that grieved me the most--"Today's not guilty verdict is a necessary first step to restore the Rev. Joseph Chu-Cong his natural, moral and civil rights to a good name."

          What about the victim who was alleged by the Rev. Isaac Keeley to have deep psychological problems?  The writer failed to mention that Ms. Burnor was given false hope in regard to her relationship with the abbey by the abbot and Rev. Keeley, the abbey's prior and her being welcomed there.  Her reputation was also sullied by false accusations, which were brought out in her testimony. 

          This negative article and a letter to the editor (Telegram & Gazette, March 31) did little to restore her good name.




Wednesday, April 16, 2003     SPENCER NEW LEADER   A7 

Burnor, abbey seek peace after trial

Monk found not guilty after N. Brookfield woman files suit



NORTH BROOKFIELD- Keri Burnor has spent almost 2 years trying to reach a resolution in the charges she took out against Father Joseph Chu-Cong, and now, both parties are trying to move forward with their lives peacefully.

          Chu-Cong, 84, a monk at St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, was found not guilty March 13 of one count of indecent assault and battery.  Burnor filed a complaint after an August 2001 incident when Chu-Cong allegedly fondled her left breast without her consent.

          Even though the court case did not end the way she might have liked, Burnor, who now lives in North Brookfield, is moving on with her hermit like existence

          “I forgive you, Father Joseph, for what you did to me,” Burnor said in her victim impact statement, written March 13.  She also wrote that she forgave Fr. Isaac Keeley, Abbey’s former communications director.  “for trying to intimidate me” and Fr. Damian Carr, the leader of the Abbey, “for your lack of filial love and paternal responsibility, which I hoped for and expected from you.”

          “I can say that we forgive her, just as she said in her letter that she forgives us,” said new communications director Fr. Edward John Mullaney. He was referencing a letter in the April 2 Spencer New Leader that Burnor wrote about the verdict, which was announced in Western Worcester District Court in East Brookfield.

          Like Burnor, the Abbey wants to move on and continue with its mission.  “We’re very grateful.  We are relieved,” Mullaney said.  “We pray for Ms. Burnor, and we thank God that Fr. Joseph’s good name is beginning to be restored.

          “The case is over, and we hope that Father Joseph can resume his monastic life,” he added.  “…We certainly believe that it was a fair verdict and a fair trial.”

          Mullaney recently assumed the duties of St. Joseph’s Abbey’s communications director, so Keeley can take some time off.  Keeley was not available for an interview about the Burnor case.

          Mullaney noted that it is “very, very rare” for the monastery to be involved in a lawsuit or criminal proceedings.

          Burnor, 27, began her association with St. Joseph’s Abbey in January 1999 when she started attending liturgical services there.  But, she has been pursuing a religious life for 10 years, since she converted to Roman Catholicism “in order to become a nun.  I don’t know why,” she said, adding that she felt the call and need for a “marriage to God.”

          Burnor spent nearly 6 years at St. Anne’s House, a convent and Harvard, but she left in October 1998 “because I was in search of a more contemplative life,” she said.

          After spending a few months outside of a convent or monastery, she started spending time at St. Joseph’s Abbey, which was near where she lived at the time.

          According to Burnor, who goes by “Sr. Keri,” several monks at the Abbey encouraged her to consider becoming a hermit.  While she would live separately from the monks, she could still join them for services.

          “I was well received by some of the monks there,” she said.

          Later, Burnor received a key, which allowed her to use bathroom facilities at the Abbey, that was given to her with permission from Fr. Abbot Damian Carr, she said.  

          Mullaney, however, gives a different impression of Burnor’s relationship with St. Joseph’s Abbey. It is the abbey’s tradition to offer hospitality to people who want to participate in the liturgy and participate in retreats that are offered every week, he said.  Women are allowed at the Abbey, one week out of the month.

          “We are, in a sense, a public place,” like a library or a bank, Mullaney  said.  He added that people who visit the abbey are usually aware of what places are private and which are public.  They go to the abbey to be enriched, and then go home.

          “Once in a great, great while, people come that just don’t understand our hospitality and our way of life,” Mullaney said.

          Mullaney was the vocation director during the time that Burnor visited St. Joseph’s Abbey.  He said that women who want to become part of the community are referred to the Abbey’s “sister” convent, Mount St. Mary’s Abbey in Wrentham.

          During that time, she attended services at St. Joseph’s Abbey, Burnor also received spiritual teaching from several members of the community, Chu-Cong. He has been at the abbey for more than 40 years, Mullaney said.

          Chu-Cong and Burnor met August 23, 2001, to discuss his book On the Contemplative Experience. According to Burnor’s statement to state police in May 2002, which Burnor provided to the New Leader, the meeting also included a discussion on her relationship with the abbey. Supposedly, it was not as welcoming as she first thought.

          “As Fr. (Joseph) was leaving after my brief confession he fondled my left breast,” Burnor said. “I was shocked by his action, then the rage nearly possessed me.  Though it could be a logical and seem totally ridiculous, it is important for me to say I felt (original emphasis) that Fr. Joseph felt that he was justified in his action and could have used this as a means to getting me to leave.”

          Burnor said that Chu-Cong instructed her not to tell anyone about the meeting, but she told two monks at St. Joseph’s Abbey about the incident soon after it occurred.

          “I was progressing.  I was moving forward.  Then, everything at the Abbey was put into question.”  After the incident, Burnor said.  “My reputation and my aspiration were then put into a threatening position.”

          At first, she tried to deal with the incident without involving the courts.  She talked on the phone several times with Keeley during a four-week period in early 2002.  During one conversation, she recalled, Keeley said that Chu-Cong felt “discomfort” at one of the hugs he and Burnor shared, but he did not remember touching her breast.

          The Abbey, Burnor and Chu-Cong supposedly reached an agreement on May 5, 2002.  The agreement stated that Burnor would drop her allegation if Chu-Cong were permanently removed from any ministry that gave him contact with women.

          But, when Burnor found out that Chu-Cong met with three ladies one month after the agreement was reached, she decided to proceed with a criminal complaint. “I was going to take it out of the court until I saw this,” Burnor said.

          She stressed that she was not looking for money or doing this out of revenge.  “The only motive, I had was, that was the truth,” she said.

          “She actually has compassion for the man who did this,” said Kristi Seymour, Burnor’s twin sister.  “She didn’t want him to be put through this, but she was angry at his superiors” for not living up to their end of the May 5, 2002 bargain.

          According to Mullaney, the abbot ordered Chu-Cong not to go into the guest house while the criminal case was proceeding.  But, Mullaney stressed, “it was not a punishment.”

          Internally, the Abbot broke the news to the monks at St. Joseph’s Abbey about the allegation during a regular community meeting.  The incident was “something that affected all of us,” Mullaney said.  “We had to simply deal with it – basically, to take it to prayer.  Honestly, we never had any doubt of Fr. Joseph’s innocence.”

          Soon after the charges were filed, the Abbey took out a restraining order that forbade Burnor from setting foot on any property owned by St. Joseph’s Abbey.

          Seymour admitted that Burnor donned disguises on two separate occasions and went to St. Joseph’s Abbey.  When asked why she did it, Burnor said she was “getting tired” and missing a wall that she liked to pray near, as well as her life of prayer.  Burnor has since built a replica of that wall in her North Brookfield apartment.

          Seymour warned her sister to stay away from the Abbey, but Burnor replied, “that’s like me telling you not to see your husband.  That’s not right, and that’s not fair.”

          “I missed the wall, that’s what she said,” Seymour told the New Leader.

          “I was there for the wall, not for any monk,” Burnor added.

          She also said that she traveled to South Carolina during Thanksgiving last year for a four to five day-long retreat.  During that retreat, she dressed in “normal” clothes and used her middle name.“I just wanted to get away from the situation,” Burnor said, explaining why she went.

          She eventually told the abbot at the retreat center her real name and why she was there, and he was “very hospitable and even helped me to stay longer,” Burnor said.

          During the trial, there was the perception that Burnor would drop all charges, if she could have access to the wall at St. Joseph’s, but she stressed that this was not true.

          “No matter what, I wanted an admission of guilt and an apology …and if I didn’t receive one, I would see this to the end,” Burnor said.

          While Burnor is continuing with her religious life, life at St. Joseph’s Abbey has begun to get back to normal. Mullaney said that Chu-Cong has returned to his “former” life, and there have been no changes in Abbey policy because of the allegations that Burnor leveled against the abbey.

          “He had no pastoral ministry, so he really didn’t have any pastoral ministry to be suspended from,” Mullaney said.

          But, he added, the experience has brought home to St. Joseph’s Abbey, the crisis in the Catholic Church, which sprung from hundreds of allegations of people being sexually abused by priests.

          “In the current climate, we are all aware that a lawsuit can be brought pretty quickly,” Mullaney said. He added that abbey members need to be careful about what they say and do.

          “This just brought it home for us very clearly,” Mullaney said.



       David Dore photo
Keri Burnor of North Brookfield, who is also known as “Sr. Keri,” stands in front of a replica of a wall at St. Joseph’s Abbey that she used to pray near – before a 2001 incident involving Father Joseph Chu-Cong, a monk at the Spencer abbey. 







Spencer New Leader Vol. 31, No. 32, Friday, August 10, 2007

Burnor to appeal Marotta decision     



A North Brookfield woman is appealing a decision from a state board that Worcester Assistant District Attorney Anthony Marotta did nothing wrong in prosecuting a 2003 case against a now-deceased monk from St. Joseph's Abbey. Keri Burnor - who goes by "Sister Keri," despite not belonging to a religious order - wrote in an Aug. 2 letter to Marguerite T. Grant, chair of the Office of the Bar Counsel, that she wanted an independent investigation into the actions of Assistant Bar Counsel Sarah A. Chambers.

Chambers was assigned to look into a complaint Burnor filed in May against Marotta, who was in charge of the case against the Rev. Joseph Chu-Cong. Burnor accused Chu-Cong of fondling her without her consent in 2001. In March 2003, Chu-Cong was found not guilty of one count of indecent assault and battery. He died in November 2004. In her May complaint, Burnor claimed Marotta "threw" her case by being "overly concerned and‘cooperative' with the defense and not focused on prosecuting the case to the full extent of the law."

That, she claimed, negatively affected the outcome of her case. Among the charges she listed were incompetence, communication issues, conflict of interests,and disloyalty to his client. In a July 24 letter to Burnor, Chambers wrote that in her opinion, Marotta handled Burnor's case "competently and appropriately" - and the prosecutor would not face disciplinary action from the Board of Bar Overseers. Marotta's boss, Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early Jr., wrote in a letter to the New Leader: "While I am sensitive to Ms. Burnor's disappointment in the outcome of the criminal case, I am equally sensitive to unfounded allegations against reputable prosecutors. Such unfounded allegations, especially those that are publicized, do nothing but harm innocent people and needlessly undermine public confidence in our justice system.

"A spokesman for Early said Monday, Aug. 6 the district attorney had "no additional comment" on the matter. Chambers also claimed that Burnor left the impression in her May complaint that Marotta was her personal attorney in her 2003 case. According to Chambers, since Marotta was representing the state, not Burnor personally, some of Burnor's allegations did not apply. In her letter to Grant, Burnor claimed Chambers showed a "lack of proper standards of operation for investigations and dishonesty." Chambers, Burnor alleged, "failed to interview any supporting witnesses" and "misled and misinformed me" about the rules of conduct attorneys must follow. A spokesman for the Board of Bar Overseers declined Monday, Aug. 6 to comment on Burnor's appeal.

"I'm not happy with the decision so I am going to appeal it," Burnor stated in an e-mail Thursday, Aug. 2 - the same day she sent her letter to Grant. "The actual rules of conduct do apply to this case." She added that she would speak to her "advisors" to "see if I should file a complaint on Ms. Chambers as well."

Melissa Pingeton may be reached at (508) 909-4143, or by e-mail at

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