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We are now taking Orders for the hard cover book "Divine Challenge."

This story - "Divine Challenge" (Part I of II) - covers the early childhood of Sister Keri Burnor up to the year 2008 when Sister Keri left the Roman Catholic Church. The $100.00 USD covers shipping for the first 25 purchasers when the order is through Christ the Wall Hermitages; shipping is to U.S. addresses ONLY at this time. (We are looking into platforms that are able to make shipment to other countries. NOTICE: These other platforms may request funds for shipping. Thank you for your patience.)

"Divine Challenge II" is in the works!

ISBN: -13: 978-0-99768-951-8

Part I First Edition © 2016

Christ the Wall Hermitages

All Rights Reserved

362 Pages

Hard Cover

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We hope in time to make a paperback version available as well as Kindle!

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Sister Keri and her team!

Please post to Facebook and everywhere else appropriate. This book is a work of love for so many who are suffering and who seek healing from a broken church and a messed up world. In seeking healing may your scars shine bright and provide a lamp of light unto your feet :-)

"Divine Challenge" is comparable to an associate's book called "Rite of Sodomy." Randy Engel's paperback book is now priced at over $600.00 USD on Amazon.  "Divine Challenge" is hard cover, text book quality and can be used in educational forums relating to law, spirituality, and Vatican politics -- and is only $100.


"Divine Challenge"

This is the story of a hermit-nun whose life and vocation was

‘taken hostage' by the very institution she passionately loved and

vowed to serve.

This compelling story reveals what renowned author and

reformed sex offender, Jake Goldenflame, identifies as a "spiritual

gang rape" by those who promised to be fathers and spiritual

guardians to her.

The betrayal went so deep that her desire to take up the call of

the Lord would eventually take her to a place where the very

foundation of her faith would be shaken. All that she knew of

God and church would be called into question.

This work furnishes the reader for the very first time with the

complete story of not only her early conversion and life but of

the circumstances and legal case, involving an abbey in rural

Massachusetts, that reshaped her life.

The facts of this case will show that the trauma suffered even

by adult victims of sex abuse stems not only from the act of

abuse itself but even more so from the betrayal, the length of

concealment, and the intentionality of the cover-up.

This work like no other gives a wider perspective in that

the victim/survivor here recognizes that the ‘offenders' are

themselves victims of a diabolically designed structure. She offers

a solution to a church and its world-wide crisis.

We observe how this hermit-nun was able to continue in her true

vocation; she not only kept her faith but saw it grow stronger.

Former Catholic hermit-nun, Sister Keri Burnor, spends most

of her time in prayer and solitude. She assists many victims of

sexual, spiritual, and institutional abuse in an unofficial capacity.

She hopes her experience will offer insight that can help victim/

survivors become triumphant victors! May this record help

church members and church

officials become resolutely

competent defenders of God's

children, both adults and

youngsters alike.




A heart wrenching story, one often taken up by souls who are here to make a big difference in the world, Keri Burnor's memoir is a tale of unflagging faith and persistence in the face of overwhelming adversity / obstacles.  Only a truly beautiful spirit can endure what has happened here, to have a heart and soul large enough to take a stand against perpetrators who prey on the innocent people seeking to meet with the Truth of their faith.

As the saying goes, "The Lotus, the most beautiful of all flowers grows from the soils of the darkest adversity" Sister Burnor in my heart is just such a flower. 

The Truth will prevail especially in the hearts of the most pure, and it will manifest all around them as a beacon of hope that Divine Will guides us all on this journey to help ourselves and one another. Her experiences and her courage to expose them has helped others in situations of abuse who fear coming forward.

This book was an experience and serves to illustrate how the Divine operates through all of us. It is a powerful and evocative story of growth and opening ever deeper into the Sacredness of the journey.

Blessings to you Keri Burnor on your journey, may its unfoldment lead you to the ultimate Union with the Divine ~ so much more magnificently than you could have ever dreamed possible.

A.M.S. -- Toronto, CANADA


Sister Keri,

I want to thank you for having me as a guest at your conference last weekend.  I have no idea how you do what you do, but am so glad and grateful that you do it.  You are what I can best describe as a true servant of God and it is my honor, privilege, and pleasure to be a part of this experience of learning from your story. In the short time we've known each other I feel like I've grown exponentially, my confidence (in many areas) restored, and my past vindicated, forgiven, and restored whole.

You've said several things that I've gleaned wisdom from, but the point of vindication and restoration came with your comments about spiritual abuse.  That hit me like a thunderbolt because it brought precise clarity to my "story."  I quietly wept as you were opening up to the group with tears of mixed emotions.  I'm actually quietly weeping as I type this response to you.

You see, you had priests and monks, and I had deacons and trustees at my father's church to deal with.  It was so bad that I had to map out a precise time to go to the bathroom to avoid one of them stalking me down and attempting to harass or molest me......I was only a kid for pete's sakes!  This does NOT include the many molestation attempts done by family members, so-called friends, and even strangers on the street.  I was "damaged goods" for decades behind all of this.

Once I was trapped in a car with a trustee when I was 15 years old, parked in front of my mother's house while he was attempting to molest me; I had to beg for my life for him to let me go.  I was so devastated by that experience it took me until I was 40 to comfortably drive in a car with automatic windows and door locks.......I kid you not!  Not only did my father (head of the deacon board at his church and region) did nothing when I told him what happened, my oldest sisters and one of my stepsisters told me he was an abuser himself.  Keri, I'm telling you things I plan on taking to my grave someday and have told no one else because I see your heart and exactly where you're coming from.  I have a sister from one of my stepsisters..........yes, you read that correctly!  I've hated that man ever since for what he did unapologetic for

any of his actions.  Maybe he sought and received God's forgiveness, but he did nothing to help his victims but leave them broken and devastated.  I haven't released him in forgiveness yet, but thanks to you, I can work towards it.

You see, you never know who you've touched and how you've touched them; please continue to do as you do.  My heart and prayers for your strength, protection, and courage are with you wherever you go.  Many times our behavior and habits are symptoms of deeper problems and issues.  And it always comes back to the human condition of the spirit and soul, doesn't it?

I now feel free to seriously work on my issues with my confidence, self-esteem and self-worth because I've spent most of my life searching for them in men, work and other people's approval.

P. G. -- Cincinnati, OH

A young woman's search for "The Divine" derailed by the Catholic Church. Honest and insightful recounting of the wrongs directed at her by the Church and how she strives to overcome.




"Transforming Victims into Victors"