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December 2018/Orthodox Holy Nativity Pending :-)J

Dear Family and Friends,


Greetings at the Holy Nativity of our Saviour!


I hope and pray this find you blessed in every way and that each one of you are growing closer in your journey to the design of His purpose in your life:-)


Please forgive the late note here; usually I send cards out ahead of time as it is a tradition I like to stick to.  For heartfelt reasons I have had to sacrifice my typical Christmas observance due to knowing there are souls in need of a tremendous remedy which God in His mercy has shared with me in order to be free of the compounding effects of my body having been exposed to military grade nanomaterials.  It has been a long journey, and I am learning so much on this path.  Over the years I know many of you have been praying and continue to pray for me - Keep the prayers coming!  In the midst of taking on the task of producing from start to finish a project of this magnitude, I have found my own health severely challenged due to the high levels of stress and to having to recount the memories associated with my survival.  I have a sense, according to reliable statistics, that there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of souls now in this world who are suffering in some form or other in like manner as I have. 


The good news is that the remedy is now attainable. There is hope, and my story is a case study proving that the physical attempts and the targeting against me have been rectified.  I am the only known survivor who has come out of this kind of attack alive and free of these invasive and severely damaging materials in my body and able to speak freely about it - all by the grace of God.


I am nearly finished with the 2nd part of the series in ‘My Story: from Targeted 2 Free • Love is the Answer" and am working as fast as possible to finish it.  However, Part 1 is now available: 

This first DVD package (Part 1 of 2) consists of about 6 hours of recorded information (2 DVDs) and a CD with ‘extras' including documents and templates. 

In these first DVDs, I share how I:

1.      gathered the facts;

2.      assessed what was happening to me, how I shielded myself both physically and spiritually;

3.      you will hear actual testimonies from my team and will have my tool box of remedies that I used to empower myself, to raise my vibration and to comfort myself in this fact-gathering stage.

My approach is faith based, yet I accommodate a universal audience.  I believe my experiences will be of great value to you in facing your own challenges; that is my prayer.  Reserve your copy of "My Story: from Targeted2Free • Love is the Answer" now.


In the course of accomplishing this project, resistance has been notably intense. Thanks to a resourceful P.I., we now have a safe and functional landing page to execute transactions.


I am sharing this with you all, whether targeted or not, first so you have an update into what has been keeping me busy.  In spite of that busy-ness, each one of you continues to be in my thoughts and prayers!


The second reason I share this with you is because there truly is a plan against all mankind, and although my story may have details and qualities that make it unique, the plan is intended ultimately to include everybody.  How, you may ask?  A link will be provided below where you will find a list of all foods and other products that have harmful (although not necessarily military-grade) nanotechnology in them (link below).  Over time the body arrives at a saturation point, and these materials assemble into a network at the molecular level.  Your body is thereby "connected" to a Cloud with the purpose of severing the soul's connection to God in favor of what Ray Kurzweil calls ‘the singularity.' 


A Christian minister, Dr. Chuck Missler who worked at the Pentagon and is now deceased (old age) warns us of this along with the design I mentioned above in his movie "Dark Transcendence" with co-contributor Dr. Thomas Horn of SkyWatch TV.  Many Christians are coming out to warn us that this is in fact tied into the Great Deception as mentioned in Revelations 13. 


What I am saying is that many, many souls are waking up, and this is heartening and wonderful! Yet, I hold the remedy to severing the "AI Singularity connection" and have experienced it with proven, scientifically backed results.  See my webpage showing proof of foreign materials in my body followed by evidence of them being gone after applying the remedy.  This is neatly summed up by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger®RIET in her conclusion where she notes that I experienced "a total turn-around in results."  Praise God!  This was not easy, and there were several other attempts to re-establish the "AI Singularity connection" after that, but today I am free of these technologies due to being currently under a protected state.


Since I am free, it has been written on my heart to do all I can to help others to be free of these attacks.  I have spent all of my own funds to do this, and spent many hours being interviewed on radio and other platforms to try to get this message out to as many people as possible. 


If there are still those who do not believe this threat to be real, please research LT. COL. ROBERT MAGINNIS, another Pentagon insider, who is found weeping desperately for people to wake up, in his interview by Skywatch Tv Volume One "Off the Record."  This is real, and God is giving us all a chance to prevent what happened to me from happening to you or your beloved and precious families.


I am not here just to alarm you but to call you to pray for us here at Christ the Wall Hermitages, that God will prosper this work.  Frankly, I work 12 hours a day and keep going-but am flat broke!  I am deeply concerned for all mankind, and this is what drives me.  But I cannot do this without YOUR HELP.


How can you help?

1.      Pray!  Please pray for us!  Get closer to God and please do not allow this information to scare you to the point of paralysis.  My intention is to share God's mercy and to build up mankind through this knowledge so we all don't just acquiesce to (accept) this attack which we are ALL under.

2.      Please share all videos wherein I share my story, hope, and remedies.  YouTube Channel: Sister Keri Burnor

3.      Purchase my DVD and pray you won't need the guidance material therein while expressing gratitude for having it if you ever do.

4.      If you tithe, please consider making a regular monthly donation. Our PayPal link (currently functioning) is:  We also accept popmoney donations. You can email us at or for more information on how to send us a donation using this mode. If you prefer to use snail mail, use Certified Mail or Priority Mail (for tracking purposes) and send to:

Christ the Wall Hermitages

1206 Apollo Road #850191

Richardson, Texas 75085


We thank you for your faithful prayers during the five (5) years I was "on the run."  Your prayers are what I believe saw me through the experiences to the point of being able to receive a remedy and reverse engineer the plan of the Globalists who are setting the trap for ALL mankind in all countries across the world.  This is the truth I know; this is the truth I experienced; there is a war on whether we want to acknowledge it or not: 

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places." Ephesian 6:12


Yours in Jesus,





PS: Please pass this on to those who you know will join in helping us J Thank you!



Success Toxicology and TSCM Results:

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