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Keri Burnor Interviews her uncle Kevin Burnor 7 August 2018, a story wherein her uncle has been targeted by the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex for over 2 decades. Uncle Kevin relates his story from the beginning when his son unknowingly gave him a toxic drink, to being honorably discharged for refusing to get on a plane that later crashed, to serving in ministry, to having to leave the country during the previous administrations since there were no protections in place for people targeted and terrorized by being implanted against their will with foreign monitoring and torture devices. Uncle then returned to the United States upon learning that his niece Keri Burnor achieved a remedy (upon Donald J Trump coming into office) relating to her own experience of being targeted for death multiple times using Military Grade, Designer, Innovative Nanotechnology Weapons. This is a story of progress, hope and achievement. 
NOTICE: All provided herein is for educational purposes and does not constitute tax, legal or medical advice. 
Kevin Burnor Testimony Before the ITNJ International Tribunal For Natural Justice (Written Testimony Below) 29 August 2018




ITNJ Testimony of Kevin James Burnor


I, Kevin James Burnor, solemnly affirm by all that is sacred and righteous, that my testimony here is given freely and without coercion and is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.


Upbringing - in Massachussetts

Superachiever from the start.


I left home in June 1972 at 15 to go to Florida, where I still had to finish school. However, I found the school setting tedious and intolerable and decided to test out instead.  I took the SAT, GED, and intelligence tests and went to college skipping 3 years of high school.


I used my community college transcript back in MA to get into Leicester Junior College.  Even without applying myself, I stayed on the Dean's list.  I didn't read books but wrote papers based on summaries.


At around 17 years old, I graduated from college with an associate's degree six months after my high school class graduated from high school.  My goal was a Master's Degree.


In order to pay for ongoing education, I joined the military as a clerk/typist so I could go to school in the evenings.  I did 29 credits in the 2nd year to finish my bachelor's degree in psychology and sociology with a 4.0 grade point average on the Bootstrap Program.


I then applied for a commission as an officer desiring a social actions position, but all that was available was pilot or navigator.  Because of my eyesight I was not pilot material, so I became a navigator on B-52 Bombers.  They knew I was ADD and that long flights of 16 hours or more would be torture for one so afflicted.  It seems that I was being set up to fail.


In the course of my advanced military training, I went to various survival schools for a month at a time including Escape & Evade and Prison Survival Training.  In the Escape & Evade I was the first to reach the goal.  During Prison Survival Training, we were tasked to passively overthrow the prison.  As the chaplain, I was the only one free to talk.  I organized the group to act sick on my signal which resulted in our success in bringing down the prison system in the exercise.  Because of my performance and for my quick grasp of the Chinese language having learned to speak it in three months, I was asked to join Intelligence, for which I had no interest.  The first request came in 1977, but there were numerous other attempts.  The last request came in 1982 when I emphatically refused pointing out that I really didn't like cops and wanted nothing to do with them.  Their inability to control the dialogue and to persuade me to join them left me in no neutral position.   Like a woman spurned, Intelligence was not pleased.


Before the last flight I was to take for certification as a B-52 navigator, God told me to not get on the flight.  I went to the chaplain who told me to tell my boss that God told me not to get on the plane.  My boss angrily said to me, "The military doesn't need people like you."  

I was told to meet with Colonel Martin and Colonel Morgan whose job it was to talk me into getting on that flight.  Instead I ministered salvation in Jesus for one and return to God for the other, but still maintained that God's instruction to me was to not get on that flight. 

The flight crashed and all 9 people on board perished.  You can find this in the newspapers from December 1982.


I was honorably discharged on May 20, 1983, from the military as a result of this incident. I have evidence of my honorable discharges, Documents DD214, one from my non-commission enlistment and one from my commission.


I launched a campaign to stay in the military as this action against me was illegal.  I obtained letters from over 30 military brass on my behalf, but to no avail.

I got a lawyer after my honorable discharge who addressed the matter by appealing the discharge, but received no response, which is typical of the Deep State.


In hindsight, I was chipped during my time in the military.


With my military career behind me, I pursued studies at Central Bible College in Missouri where I finished two years of studies in one and was nominated for the Who's Who in Colleges and Universities for 1984 for maintaining a 4.0 grade point average.  I then went to Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in Springfield, MO for a Master's Degree in Pastoral Counseling which I completed in July of 1987.


I was married on January 17, 1980, to another enlistee who left the military in preparation for the birth of our first child who was born on January 16, 1981.  Altogether we had 5 children and one miscarriage in our fifteen year marriage. 


After seminary we moved to California, where we expected our mixed marriage to be better received, and settled in the Sacramento area.  It was here that I worked with clients in mental health under the supervision of a superior for 3000 hours and simultaneously served two years in a church under pastoral supervision.


In 1989, I opened my own church, Restoration Ministries, under Isaiah 61, Inc. in Sacramento, California.  I was senior pastor of my ministry.  We opened our doors to other independent ministries asking only that they tithe on any gifts received.  The other three ministries that used our facilities were: a Counseling ministry, a healing ministry and a child dance ministry.  In total there were approximately 240 people a week that were ministered to.


I had my own counseling ministry to make the bread and butter.  We offered one-to-one counseling and groups:  survivors of sexual abuse, addiction abuse, the road less traveled groups, and I also provided training to lay counselors. 


In August 1994, A prophet came to my door and prophesied that I would go through a hot fire, one hotter than I'd ever experienced, and that God would keep my family during that testing period.  I prayed about the prophecy and God told me it was true.  I told my congregation on Sunday and on the following Saturday at 11:00am after receiving a drink from my 4 year old son, I experienced an intense energy pattern coming at me both horizontally and vertically to my forehead. When the energies converged and hit my pineal gland, I was stopped, literally incapacitated. 


A little background on my family will be helpful at this point:


My wife was wonderful.  A wonderful woman, wife, mother who gave me such joy.  She was resourceful, energetic and a pleasure.  Proverbs 31 comes to mind when I think of her.  We had four children together and were done... until God spoke to me that we were to have a fifth.  I bargained with God and said if it was to be, He would have to speak the same message to her.  When I approached her with God's message regarding a fifth baby, she excused herself to retrieve her journal wherein two weeks previous she had written that very thing, but told God that I would have to speak it to her.  Our fifth child was born on January 11, 1993.  My wife homeschooled our children, raised sheep, goats, and chickens for the family, and spun yarn out of wool; she was always doing something.  This was for me a totally positive, joyful, fulfilling life.


Then in 1992 all hell broke loose, literally.  I had a disgruntled client who called all the counseling agencies in the city to slander me, calling me a cult leader among other things.  Not able to accept the counsel he was given, he chose to retaliate.  When he went to Dr. Phil after seeing me in my counseling practice, he got the same advice.  During a prayer meeting, a woman presented as a serpent, writhing on the floor with snake eyes claiming to be hot even though she was cold.  As the pastor, I was tasked to deal with the situation.  Having some limited experience with demons, I was unsure what to do.  Having recently read a book by Smith Wigglesworth in which he claimed to have ousted demons by punching the victim in the stomach, I said to her that I did not want to punch her but asked if I could instead sit on her stomach.  She agreed.  While there an attendee at the meeting attacked her.  I respulsed the attacker and went back to her.  Out of desperation, I cried to the Lord and said, "I don't know what to do."  Immediately, a peace and calm came over the woman and she was delivered. 


However, this event became a point of contention with people which prompted me to call a church meeting.  I invited ministers from other churches to counsel me and hold an open forum for all who wanted to attend.  The woman sued me after being influenced by those who did not see the event as we both initially perceived it.  My prayer was that God would give her what she needed.  The lawyers agreed to a $15,000 settlement, and she left the church along with half of my client base and church members.


Unfortunately, my wife sided with those who perceived me as a cult leader, stopped attending church, and took my children out of children's church resulting in a schism in our home.  Although I continued to minister to her as before, she was no longer receptive.  This is likely what laid the groundwork for her allegedly spiking the drink in August 1994.


For three years I laid in bed unable to function and praying for God to heal me.  In 1997, one of the clients who had taken my course and become a counselor came to my bed claiming she had studied rapid-eye treatment.  She asked if she could work with me for several treatments.  The first treatment I was in bed in my pajamas.  The second treatment I was in my pajamas but went to her house for the treatment.  The third week I went again to her house in my pajamas but drove myself.  The fourth week I was fully dressed and drove myself to her house - an indication of the progress being made.


During the fourth treatment, she, being a kinesiologist, suggested that I might have suffered brain damage.  She set me up with an appointment at the Amen Clinic for a treatment mode using spect imaging.  They diagnosed me as post-encephalitis with multiple co-morbid symptomology to include depression, etc.  Dr. Louis Van Osdel III made it very clear that the diagnosis was medical, as though he knew something that I didn't know.  As it turns out he did, for when I ran out of money and had to resort to the V.A. for care, the V.A. was quick to interpret the diagnosis as psychiatric.  It wasn't long after that Dr. Van Osdel III was no longer at Amen Clinic.


I was on 4x the therapeutic dose of amphetamine per day under his care.  Immediately upon transfer to the V.A., they claimed they could not give me that dosage.  I went to an attorney who talked them into giving me the medicine I needed and they complied.


In 1998, I was tested by a neuro-psychologist, James Moses, at Palo Alto V.A. Center in Palo Alto, California.  He tested me for verbal skills, visual skills, and allegedly my kinesthetic skills.  I tested at 1% globally for verbal skills, top 7% for visual skills, and 79% on the Wexler scale for kinesthetic, which is one point less than ‘moron.'  But he didn't actually test me for kinesthetic; the results were fabricated.  That resulted in my record showing I was retarded.  My efforts to correct the record were met with denials that I had the right to do so even though I did.  I went to vocational rehabilitation twice in order to rehabilitate myself but was denied due to the falsified record pertaining to my kinesthetic skills.


On March 10, 2004, a meeting of my care-givers, wife, and other co-conspirators convened without me after which they presented me with a settlement they had agreed upon..


The V.A. continued to access me medically through various means when in May, 2004, I got a message from my doctor that I needed a colonoscopy.  During the colonoscopy procedure I woke up in intense pain resulting from microchips being seared to my colon.  The pain was excruciating.  During the same procedure, they put microchips in both ears and one in the roof of my mouth. 


My apparent initiation to being chipped came the day I got home from the ‘surgery' where I ‘saw' through remote visual synthetic means my care-provider rape a boy which I was forced to watch.  The experience was so horrific that I threatened to take a lethal dose of pills if they didn't stop.  They didn't, and I spit out the pills.


They claimed they didn't do the surgery and refused to provide me with the medical records.  So, I went to the Office of the Administrator and obtained a copy of the x-ray of the colonoscopy which shows the presence of foreign implants.  They refused to release x-rays of the ears and mouth areas.  The assistant administrator who released the x-ray to me received an early retirement. 


In July, 2004, I went back to the Amen Clinic where I was re-scanned.  Sure enough, the chips showed up.  A back office worker at Amen Clinic told me that they identified a chip in the roof of my mouth; however, the doctor denied it. 


As soon as I obtained the image showing the chip, I left the doctor's office, and went to a motel just outside San Francisco with plans to leave for Boston the next day.  I hadn't seen my family in a while and wanted someone to know what was happening to me as I had been isolated from them for the last 10 years.  I was gang-stalked at the motel (loud banging and stomping through the chip mechanism) at 4am in an effort to get me up and out.  I didn't comply but stayed in the hotel until morning.  Then I went to the airport where they refused to give me a ticket.  I called my friend Sally who purchased a ticket for me.  Then in the bar at the airport about 30 people subtly imposed themselves on me, letting me know they were there without directly engaging me.  This was frightening even though I am not one prone to being fearful.  These individuals flew on the plane with me to Boston.  As I got the bus in Boston, a few of them continued to stalk me including a black woman with red hair and green eyes using a walking stick.  I decided to engage her with a question that would reveal whether she was familiar with the area or just part of a traveling group.  "Do you know how to get to the bus station?" I asked her.  She didn't know.  Yet, she found it and joined me on it for the ride out of Boston.


I stayed with my sister Colleen in Spencer, MA, a rural community which I thought would provide me with some relief from the stalking.  But as I observed, there was an AWACS over my head.  My thought to self was, "Who am I to warrant such expensive surveillance?" Then the same black woman with red hair and green eyes using a walking stick showed up along with the rest of the gang of 30 within about 15 minutes of our arriving at an otherwise empty thrift store.  I decided to confront her.  I stood right behind her and said, "I want to see your boss in the parking lot in 15 minutes.  I'm sick of this shit!"  My sister ushered me out of the store and we went on our way.  Notably, it was the last time I was gang-stalked.


On June 5, 2005, they induced a seizure.

On June 6, the next day, I experienced the same thing.  I was immobilized.  Three men whom I knew came in and took me to a waiting ambulance.  The attendant in the ambulance gave me a sedative that knocked me out.  The next I knew, I was back at home, it was June 10, my tongue was cut into 4ths and my anus was lubricated.  I immediately went right back to the hospital where they said I had attempted suicide.  I was taken to a civilian hospital where they noted there was no evidence of a suicide attempt and that there was evidence of horrific things having happened to me.


Upon return home, ‘they' proceeded to show me the video clip of what they had done to me during those four missing days: they tortured me to death twice and resuscitated me, fried my brain, raped me, a tied a chain around my tongue to induce my signing a consent form, which I didn't sign resulting in my tongue being cut into 4 pieces. 


They cut my medicine to 120 instead of 160 (amphetamines) forcing me to find medicine on the streets.  I refused to succumb to that pressure because I didn't want to become a drug addict.  On the 9th of Octoer 2005, they told me I was going to either go to jail or a nuthouse.  I went immediately to a liquidator to sell my stuff.  Got a deposit for my car of $4000.  On the 11th I introduced the liquidator to the property manager to handle my affairs and left for Puerto Rico.


Before I landed in Puerto Rico, the fiduciary had taken all the money in my account ($1400) leaving me with only the cash deposit from the sale of my car.  I never saw that $1400 again.


I left with just two changes of clothes and the Amen Clinic scans intending to prove that I was chipped and to demand an investigation regarding both the chips and the illicitly assigned fiduciary.


I refused to leave the Puerto Rico office of the Prosecutor until they gave me a paper stating that I had an investigation coming.


When I noted around March, 2006, that they were dragging their feet on the investigation, I confronted them and they admitted they were not going to be able to help me.  I was considered a national security risk.  Furthermore, the advocate was fearful for his family if he continued to assist me.


In March 31, 2006, my niece Jessica died, so I returned to Massachusetts for her burial.  I talked to my niece, Keri, who referred me to a support group for targeted individuals.  There was a conference in Washington D.C. from June 14, 2006, to protest use of chips.  I gave my testimony on the Mall. 


I went to assist a TI from Ohio whom I had met at the protest and who was living on the streets. I was able to assist her to get back into her home temporarily until she could make it to Hawaii. 


I left then for Venezuela to seek an audience with Chavez in order to tell my story.  I first went to police intelligence where they detained me while personnel from the U.S. came.  The one who came to interrogate me turned out to be my military supervisor from 1979 in New Mexico.  Coincidence?  Subsequently, I met with Venezuelan Military Intelligence who stole my records. I next met with Chavez' attorney, but I was black-balled from getting my story told through any means.  All formal offices refused to help me, so I went to the churches to tell my story.  The man who aided me in this effort was shot, killed, and put in the trunk of his car.


From Venezuela I began to travel extensively with the idea that enough visas from different places would provide evidence that I didn't need a fiduciary to handle my financial affairs.  I did so successfully on only 2/3rds of what I should have received, one third being withheld by the fiduciary without my consent.  My travels took me to every South American country except Paraguay, every Central American country except Guatemala and El Salvador, every country in Southeast Asia and Israel.


I returned to the United States after celebrating in Israel the electoral win of Donald Trump with a bunch of people who thought Hillary would prevail.  From 2016 until the present I have proved to the V.A. with the aid of Keri Burnor, my niece, and her network that I have been deemed competent to handle my own affairs as my own fiduciary, the external role being terminated.  However, there has yet to be an accounting of the money that was allegedly ‘managed' by said fiduciaries amounting to over $194,000.00.


In April 2017, I went under the expert care of Dr. Susan Kolb who successfully removed three chips which are being carefully maintained in chain-of-custody storage for evidence.  Keri was present for that event.  By this time she herself had experienced numerous attacks of weaponized nano-technology in her body at the hands of the Roman Catholic Church and was even more keenly interested in my situation.  It was actually through her network of consultants that I was introduced to Dr. Kolb.


In July 2018, I underwent a scan using an OSCOR RF Spectrum Analyzer and a Non-Linear Junction Detector which pinpoints the many places in my body where foreign materials remain.


I have suffered three strokes which have affected my ability to function normally.  Yet, I firmly believe that God has preserved me and allowed me to press on in order to assist other veterans who are similarly situated.


Kevin James Burnor