Christ the Wall Hermitages
Unique Case: The Untold Truth behind Clergy Abuse and Cover Up

A Christopher Strunk alleges 5 causes of action against the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits as a basis for New York to secede from the United States.

Here are the 5 causes of action:

1.  Failure on the part of the Jesuits to register under state Civil Rights Law

2.  The New York province of the Society of Jesus' spiritual practice to eliminate individual faith and hope by actions to molest the innocent and sacrifice heretics to holocaust

3. Failure to register under Logan Act

4. Violation of Proxmire Anti-Genocide Act 

5. Violation of International Treaties

To understand this, download file below and simply go to Exhibit B on page 31 for picture.

"Transforming Victims into Victors"